• Alcatel Bell Lucent: PhD Thesis of Nicolas Marie on Pervasive sociality through social objects (2011-2013)
  • SAP Research: PhD Thesis of Corentin Follenfant on Semantic Web and Business Intelligence (2011-2013)
  • University G. Berger, Saint-Louis, Senegal: Semantic and Social Web Platform for Communities Knowledge Sharing, (accepted AUF project 2011-2013)
  • IGN Cogit: Master Thesis on Semantics for Cartography (2011)

Design and Implementation of a version of DBPedia for Wikipedia in french, French Ministry of Culture


Development activity (ADT) with support from INRIA (2010-2012) on Semantic Graph Visualization. The action focus is on coupling Corese and Gephi Open Graph Visualization Platform to provide a framework to query and visualize RDF data taking into account their schemas.


The Kolflow project (ANR project, 2011-2014) proposes to extend collective intelligence with smart agents relying on automated reasoning. Smart agents can significantly reduce the overhead of communities in the process of continuously building knowledge. Consequently, continuous knowledge building is much more effcient. Kolflow aims at building a social semantic space where humans collaborate with smart agents in order to produce knowledge understandable by humans and machines. Humans are able to understand the actions of smart agents. Smart agents are able to understand actions of humans. Kolflow targets the co-evolution of content and knowledge as the result of interactions of humans and machines.


DataLift (2010-2013) is an experimental research project funded by the ANR French national research agency. Its goal is to design a platform to publish and interlink datasets on the Web of data. Datalift will both publish datasets coming from a network of partners and data providers and propose a set of tools for easing the datasets publication process.

DataLift brings raw structured data coming from various formats (relational databases, CSV, XML, ...) to semantic data interlinked on the Web of Data.


Isicil (2009-2012) this three year project proposes to study and to experiment with the usage of new tools to assist corporate intelligence tasks. These tools rely on web 2.0 advanced interfaces (blog, wiki, social bookmarking) for interactions and on semantic web technologies for interoperability and information processing.

For more information see the description of the ISICIL project.
The contact person is Fabien Gandon ( contact him).

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