Pragmas are directives sent to the KGRAM interpreter to tune execution.
Implemented by means of a pragma keyword at the end of the query followed by a BGP whose triples are interpreted as directives.

select * where {
pragma { kg:path kg:expand 5 }

Pragma can be set by program:

exec.addPragma(Pragma.PATH, Pragma.EXPAND, 5);


kg:kgram kg:debug true        # debug mode
kg:kgram kg:list  true        # list group result

kg:path  kg:list  true        # list path result (no thread)
kg:path  kg:count true        # path with counting semantics (not std sparql)
kg:path  kg:expand 5          # rewrite Path expression as a BGP

kg:service kg:slice 50        # slice service bindings
kg:service kg:timeout 50      # service timeout

kg:match kg:mode 'strict'     # strict type match
kg:match kg:mode 'relax'      # approximate type match
kg:match kg:mode 'subsume'    # subsume type match

kg:similarity kg:cstep 10