• Declarative approach
  • Domain Independence
  • Standard Semantic Web Languages
  • Context Awareness
  • Ready for Multimodality

We propose to extend the Fresnel presentation-level ontology with context awareness. The resulting vocabulary specifies when (i.e. in which mobile context) Fresnel Lenses and Formats must be selected. Our solution, the PRISSMA vocabulary extends the semantics of fresnel:Purpose to delegate the selection of Lenses and Formats to a broader and more expressive definition of mobile context, modelled by the prissma:Context class.

To wrap up each context-aware presentation-level unit of information, the concept of Prism is introduced (a Prism is owl:equivalentClass to a fresnel:Group)

# Prism to style a dbpedia:Museum when user is walking in Paris 
:museumPrism a prissma:Prism ;
               a fresnel:Group ;
   fresnel:purpose :walkingInParis ;
   fresnel:stylesheetLink  .

# Fresnel presentation-level triples
:museumlens a fresnel:Lens;
   fresnel:group :museumPrism;
   fresnel:classLensDomain dbpedia:Museum;
   fresnel:showProperties (  dbpprop:location 
                               example:ticketPrice ) .
:addressFormat a fresnel:Format ;
   fresnel:group :museumPrism ;
   fresnel:propertyFormatDomain dbpprop:location ;
   fresnel:label "Address" ;
   fresnel:labelStyle "label-address"^^fresnel:styleClass ;
   fresnel:valueStyle "value-address"^^fresnel:styleClass .

# [...]

# PRISSMA context description
:walkingInParis a prissma:Context ;
   prissma:user :artLover ; 
   prissma:environment :parisWalking .

:artLover a prissma:User ;
   foaf:interest "art".

:parisWalking a prissma:Environment ;
   prissma:poi :paris ;
   prissma:motion "walking" .

:paris geo:lat "48.8567" ;
   geo:long "2.3508" ;
   prissma:radius "5000" .


PRISSMA Browser is an RDF browser based on Lighting Browser. The browsers renders triples with Fresnel and chooses the best representation according to mobile context with PRISSMA.

Download PRISSMA Browser v 0.9.2

PRISSMA Studio is a web application to create Prisms, context-aware presentation metadata for Linked Data visualization based on Fresnel and PRISSMA.

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Luca Costabello, Fabien Gandon