Presentation in Lyon of The Web Science Trust Network of Research Laboratories - 9:30 to 11:00 the 12th of November

The Web Science Trust Network of Research Laboratories: Developing global research collaborations in Web Science

by Wendy Hall (Managing Director) and Jim Hendler (Chair), Web Science Trust
9:30 to 11:00 the 12th of November
University of Lyon, 1st floor, room 103, 92 rue Pasteur 69007 Lyon

Open postdoctoral position on Controlled randomness in semantic spreading activation


This Post-Doc position is based on the results of a joint research project between Alcatel Bell Lucent Labs and Inria
and more precisely the Ph.D. thesis of Nicolas Marie in Wimmics that successfully proposed a new method to design
exploratory search engines over linked data on the Web.

Exploratory search refers to cognitive consuming search tasks that are open-ended, multi-faceted, and iterative like
learning or topic investigation. In parallel, semantic web and linked data offer new possibilities to solve complex

Research directions and leaders

Full-time researchers of Wimmics are in charge of different but complementary directions:

Poster gallery

Here is an overview of our research through al gallery of posters produced in the team:

Data and Schemas

published by Wimmics


  • NiceTag: an OWL ontology to represent social tagging acts

  • SemSNA: an RDFS schema to support semantic social network analysis

  • EmOCA: ontology for emotion detection by reasonning on contextual data.

Wimmics Proposal

Proposal for the Wimmics Team.
The other intermediate versions are due to internal team revisions.



Corese stands for Conceptual Resource Search Engine. It is a Semantic Web Factory that enables the processing of RDFS, RDF, SPARQL and RDF Rules. KGRAM is a new generic SPARQL 1.1 interpreter that can process labelled graphs in addition to RDF.

contact: olivier.corby at


Bilateral collaborations

  • Research and development collaboration with Mnemotix in particular on the outputs of the ISICIL project
  • Alcatel Bell Lucent: PhD Thesis of Nicolas Marie on Pervasive sociality through social objects (2011-2013)