Data and Schemas

published by Wimmics


  • NiceTag: an OWL ontology to represent social tagging acts

  • SemSNA: an RDFS schema to support semantic social network analysis

  • EmOCA: ontology for emotion detection by reasonning on contextual data.

Corese / KGRAM AST

This document describes SPARQL Abstract Syntax Tree API. It can be used to create a query by program. The resulting AST can be executed right away by KGRAM. TBD: SPARQL Update.

SPARQL Abstract Syntax Tree with namespace manager:

ASTQuery ast  = ASTQuery.create();
ast.getNSM().definePrefix("ns", "");



URI Constant, Datatype Constant, Literal with lang

Corese / KGRAM

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Corese is a Semantic Web Factory (triple store & SPARQL endpoint) implementing RDF, RDFS, SPARQL 1.1 Query & Update.